2013 | Rap Recording of the Year | Classified | | The JUNO Awards

Classified was born Luke Boyd and has sold more than 70K records and been the recipient of 4 (nominated for 10) East Coast Music Awards. Self-Explanatory was released in 2009 and featured the JUNO-nominated hits “Anybody Listening?” and “Oh, Canada.” After a decade of touring and independently releasing his music, the artist suddenly found himself sharing a JUNO stage with Justin Bieber and Drake. He’s recorded with everyone from Maestro Fresh Wes to Joel Plaskett and only signed with a major label with his last disc. Handshakes and Middle Fingers is a musical hip-hop album about balance. Through boom-bap beats, catchy choruses and dirty drums, Classified uses his unparalleled wit, lyrics and diction to examine the fine line between mainstream success and the underground. “I didn’t get involved with any of this to become a rap star. I’m more about a hard-hitting beat and lyrics than ever wanting to become a celebrity.” With Handshakes and Middle Fingers, Classified might just prove that he’s able to do both things.