2013 | Breakthrough Artist of the Year (Sponsored by FACTOR and Radio Starmaker Fund) | Elisapie | | The JUNO Awards

Elisapie, who won the Ambassador Prize at the 2011 Teweikan Awards for her work throughout Canada, will release her second album, entitled Travelling Love, in autumn of 2012. “Love cannot be owned. It is something that is always moving, always flowing. That’s what I mean by Travelling Love,” explains Elisapie. Éloi Painchaud and François Lafontaine produced the album. With its organic pop sonorities, it is also a meeting between English and Inuktitut, the poetry of the north making a fascinating foray southward. Many collaborators must be mentioned, including singer-songwriters and multi-instrumentalists Manuel Gasse and Gabriel Gratton, who are also the rising “Polar Pop” star’s faithful touring companions. The album also features guitarist and songwriter/composer Brad Barr (The Slip, Barr Brothers), and Jim Corcoran co-wrote the lyrics to some songs. “I allowed myself to be impulsive, to create without fear. To accept one’s weaknesses and clumsiness, and to confront them, can sometimes be beneficial,” Elisapie confides. Travelling Love further explores the duality between sensitive woman and ferocious spirit that lives within Elisapie Isaac. This is the promise of a work that is sure to elicit many passions yet again.