2012 | Rock Album of the Year (Sponsored by SiriusXM Canada) | Matthew Good | | The JUNO Awards

The phrase “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” doesn’t apply to Matthew Good. A defining characteristic of this Canadian rock icon is exactly the opposite of that popular axiom. Over his almost two-decade career, Good has taken us on a journey. From THE MATTHEW GOOD BAND to HOSPITAL MUSIC, to his 2011 JUNO Award–winning release VANCOUVER, Good continually pushes forward into uncharted territory, mapping new musical landscapes most recently showcased on his latest release, LIGHTS OF ENDANGERED SPECIES. This album takes Good in an unfamiliar direction, displaying arrangements that are a distinct departure from the likes of “Born Losers” and “Last Parade.” Stark and passionate best describe Good’s latest effort and despite its differences from the Matthew Good we are familiar with, the record still sits comfortably with his fans.