2012 | Pop Album of the Year (Sponsored by TD) | Marianas Trench | | The JUNO Awards

You thought the platinum-selling MASTERPIECE THEATRE was ambitious? “It’s definitely more epic,” says Josh Ramsay, emphatically, of Marianas Trench’s album EVER AFTER. “All the songs live on their own as songs,” Ramsay explains, “but they also serve the purpose of telling a little narrative story throughout the record. I wanted to do that on the last record but as a writer I wasn’t ready. I had to step it up, which is also why I decided to produce EVER AFTER on my own. If this is all gonna tie together, then you really need to see it through yourself. EVER AFTER plays like one long song, or a symphony with movements. Not that you can’t listen to the tracks individually, but EVER AFTER is every inch a cohesive narrative experience, and the work of a band asserting total creative control over its product.”