2012 | Music DVD of the Year | Tony Girardin, David Francey | | The JUNO Awards

A note from the film maker …

I met David Francey in the year 2000, while making my first movie for a university class project. The movie had to cover an environmental issue, so through mutual friends, I met David’s wife, Beth, who as a biologist became a subject in the film. While visiting Beth for my project, I was introduced to David, who came off as a quiet lad, the way his mom describes him in the film. Beth mentioned that he played music and read a lot, and that he had recently released his first album, Torn Screen Door.

Shortly after I finished the project, Beth called to ask if David could come by my place to record a few demo tracks on my computer. David and I ended up spending a long day and night recording his music, and as the session came to an end, he said jokingly that if ever he got anywhere with his songs, that I should be the guy who makes a movie about him.