Metal/Hard Music Album of the Year 2012

Fuck The Facts

Die Miserable


Metal/Hard Music Album of the Year





Ottawa-based experimental grinders Fuck the Facts celebrates their 10th anniversary this year, and they do it with style – the release of their DIE MISERABLE LP. The record was tracked in between tour dates at their home studio and mixed by Craig Boychuk. “Back in January, we put together a little home studio and spent the month tracking a majority of what will be our next full-length album,” guitarist Topon Das said in a statement. “Everything was shelved while we went on various tours, released our UNNAMED seven-inch EP and then Disgorge Mexico: The DVD. But now having all of that out of the way, we are recording the finishing touches of this new album, which we have aptly titled DIE MISERABLE, after the feeling I have every time I need to write a quote about a new album.” While no sound samples have been loosed just yet, the band promise more info and videos to promote the set in the near future. “Even if our album isn’t any good, the garbage we’ll be posting to hype it up will be awesome,” Das added.