2012 | Francophone Album of the Year | Malajube | | The JUNO Awards

With the release of their debut record LE COMPTE COMPLET (2004), Malajube literally took over the indie rock scene, and have drawn a wide amount of praise with their second album TROMPE-L’OEIL (2006), a masterpiece that found its way of springing out of the already artistically rich local music scene. LABYRINTHES (2009) confirmed that the band was one of the most prolific and talented bands from Montreal. With LA CAVERNE (2011), the band showcased all their features: raw energy, hyperactive melodies, creative structures and attention to details. The quartet took the writing, recording and production of LA CAVERNE’S 10 titles in their own hands. In addition to proudly winning five Felix awards over the years in their native province of Quebec, the latest for Alternative Album of the Year in 2009, Malajube was nominated three times for the Polaris Music Prize, TROMPE-L’OEIL and LABYRINTHES having made the short list and the most recent LA CAVERNE having made the long list for the 2011 edition. The band has toured relentlessly, visiting festivals and events, turning on industry heads and listeners alike. Regardless of the language barrier, Malajube’s discography pleased critics from around the world; The New York Times, Pitchfork, Wired, Spin, Vanity Fair and more.