2011 | New Group of the Year (sponsored by FACTOR and Radio Starmaker Fund) | My Darkest Days | | The JUNO Awards

The world doesn’t yet belong to My Darkest Days, but they’ve come a long way since singer/guitarist Matt Walst, drummer Doug Oliver and bassist Brendan McMillan started the band in the small town of Norwood, ON, where they grew up. Influenced by hard rock groups like Nirvana, Tool and Deftones, along with the songwriting approach of the Beatles, Walst got a first-hand glimpse at what it takes to succeed from his older brother Brad, bassist and co-founder of platinum rock band Three Days Grace, which helped when the group set out to record their debut, self-titled album. Taking their name from those moments where Matt Walst says he draws his songwriting inspiration, My Darkest Days combines the rowdy celebration of rock sexuality alongside more personal observations about relationships. The salacious “Move Your Body” with leering lyrics such as “you come on tapping at your back door, baby,” and the sensual reggae world beat of “Setitonfire,” are balanced by autobiographical tales like “Every Lie,” “Like Nobody Else” and the country twang of “Come Undone,” featuring sassy vocals from yet another label mate, the comely Jessie James.