2011 | New Artist of the Year (sponsored by FACTOR and Radio Starmaker Fund) | Caribou | | The JUNO Awards

Swim is Caribou’s masterpiece and the record Dan Snaith has wanted to bring to fruition for as long as he has been making music. Snaith has been a leading figure in electronic music over the past decade. A mathematics scholar and ingenious multi-instrumentalist/composer, he surprised critics and fans with 2007’s Andorra, a brilliant, electro-tinged pop breakthrough. After the startling infectiousness of Andorra, Swim is a more complex, multi-layered affair—rife with fascinating rhythms, instrumentation, and vocals that become more alluring with each listen. “This is the record I’m most proud of because it’s the most ‘me’ in the way things sound; I feel like I have my own vocabulary now,” says Snaith. “So much of contemporary music is soaked in referencing this or that. I wanted people to put the record on and not be able to say, ‘This sounds like so-and-so.’ I want people to say, ‘This sounds like Dan!’ It’s what everybody wants—to have their fingerprint on the music they’re making. I feel like I’ve achieved that to a greater extent than I have in the past, and that’s exciting.”