2011 | Group of the Year | Three Days Grace | | The JUNO Awards

Three Days Grace has built a dedicated and ever-growing fan base over the course of two platinum albums and years of touring across North America. A sense of adventure permeates their latest release, Life Starts Now, which the Toronto-based band began writing after coming off the road for One-X in April 2008. Though the album doesn’t skimp on Gontier’s trademark anguished vocals, Barry Stock’s urgent riffs, or Sanderson and Walst’s thunderous rhythm section, the band knew that they had evolved as musicians, thanks to hundreds of live shows, and wanted to capture it in their sound. To help them reach their goals, Three Days Grace reunited with producer Howard Benson (My Chemical Romance, Motorhead, Papa Roach, P.O.D), who produced One-X. The result is an album that brims with confidence, musicality, and accessibility, that is certain to please long-time followers while getting Three Days Grace even more attention from rock music fans everywhere.