10 | 2016 | Country Album OTY | High Valley | | The JUNO Awards

Hometown: La Crete, Alberta

The remote hometown and unique upbringing seem to be a magic combination for High Valley’s new music in 2015. These two brothers are making what the Nashville music industry has called “singular,” “seminal,” and “a perfect mix of radio, revision and respect.”

Growing up on a farm in the far-northern reaches of Alberta, with music, farming and family as the basis of their entertainment, their musical language was formed at a young age. Throughout their music career, High Valley has earned many accolades, including 10 GMA Canada Covenant Awards, multiple CCMA Award and JUNO Award nominations, winner of the 2013 CCMA Award for Interactive Artist of the Year, and winner of the 2015 CCMA Award for Group of the Year.

High Valley’s latest release, County Line, features songs that incorporate bluegrass, classic country and pop influences, which combine to a sound Brad and Curtis describe as “pop-grass.” According to the brothers, the album “represents a more fun, energetic side of High Valley that fans have always seen live but never heard on our albums.”