BLK: “The stars aligned and then so did we." - The JUNO Awards

When BLK first formed, Bexk, Lilac X and Khatalia-Korahjay were three strangers forced to trust each other with their art. “It definitely felt like we were taking a huge leap of faith by coming together as BLK.”

The three solo artists, each of whom write, produce, and perform, were brought together in 2019 by their manager, Lincoln “L.A.B” Blachè. It was at a private recording session that the trio first saw the potential of BLK. “We were put together but I honestly think this group was meant to be.” 

By embracing each other’s unique identities and experiences, together Bexk, Lilac X, and Khatalia-Korahjay are able to create a sound like no other. “Us, three powerful women coming together and just blending each of our individual styles and showing that even though we’re different, we don’t have to be the same. We don’t have to dim our lights, we can be literally three lights shining and making magic.”

Bexk, a fashion design student from Toronto’s East End grew up in a tight-knit Bajan household where the arts were the only thing that could hold her attention. “I was and still am a wild child” she admits “pushing the envelope with everything that I do.”

“If one is winning, we’re all winning. And that’s what it’s about. Understanding that.”

Lilac X, whose exponent represents self-empowerment, was raised by musicians. Both her mother and aunt were Soca performers and helped pave the way for her. A self-proclaimed loner, Lilac X firmly believes, “there is no template to a woman.”

Born and raised in Montreal, Khatalia-Korahjay has always been driven by curiosity and creation. Growing up with younger sisters and nieces she understands the need for black female representation in music, “it’s so important for girls to just find somebody they can relate to.”

For BLK, trust, support, and respect are paramount. “I think the number one thing is supporting each other and having each other’s backs. I feel like in groups it’s very easy to think about yourself and do you. But you have to understand in order for this to win you have to be together, you have to love each other, you have to support each other, and I think that’s what we try and do.”

In the latest installment of RISING Presented by TD, Bexk, Lilac X and Khatalia-Korahjay share the journey of how BLK came together and the musical synergy that they’ve formed through collaboration, empowerment, and love. Watch the full episode below or on YouTube.