Annalie Bonda: “Canada has shown generation after generation that we are home to global icons and voices..." - The JUNO Awards

In this series, we will be profiling music professionals from all facets of the industry to learn more about their involvement in the CARAS Academy Delegate program.

Annalie Bonda is the Executive Director of The Remix Project & Label Manager at the independent record label Golly Geng Inc. She has been an Academy Delegate for over two years. Her involvement as an Academy Delegate stems from her desire to bring more diverse voices to the Delegate program.

What inspired you to become an Academy Delegate?

To help bring diverse voices to the academy platform.

Why is it important to be active in the Canadian music industry?

To bring recognition and celebrate emerging voices.

What do you enjoy most about being an Academy Delegate?

The opportunity to contribute to a collective voice and decision.

Why do you think it’s important to promote and celebrate Canadian music and artists?

Because Canada has shown generation after generation that we are home to global icons and voices that have been nurtured for their unique upbringings and influences in our country.

Why is diversity within the Academy Delegate program and the Canadian music industry so essential?

To be truly reflective and representative of our industry and the people of Canada versus just saying that we want to be diverse. Diversity offers different opinions and perspectives and pushes opportunities for growth and change.

What has been your favourite JUNOS moment? / What are you most excited about for the upcoming JUNO Awards?

My two favourite JUNO moments are

  1. Seeing The Remix Project, alumna Savannah Ré be a contributing voice to a recognition award in 2017 to then winning Traditional R&B Recording of the Year in 2022.
  2. Watching alumna, Jessie Reyes perform songs from her debut EP live in 2018 then winning Breakthrough Artist of the Year.

How does being an Academy Delegate allow you to help shape the industry?

It helps me bring opportunity for recognition for the Remix Project community that represents voices that often would not have had the opportunity or platform to be recognized.

Why should fellow industry members apply to be a CARAS Academy Delegate?

For the opportunity to influence and bring true celebration to deserving artists.

Applications for the CARAS Academy Delegate program are now open! Learn more about becoming a member and how you can help shape the future of Canadian music.