5 Things We Learned From Celine Dion's Documentary 'I Am: Celine Dion' - The JUNO Awards

Celine Dion offers audiences a raw behind-the-scenes look into her life in the newly released and much-anticipated documentary, I Am: Celine Dion. Capturing Dion at her most vulnerable, the film documents the iconic superstar’s private struggles with the rare neurological disorder, Stiff Person Syndrome. With honesty and grace, Dion’s journey unfolds, showcasing her determination to navigate her life-altering illness while continuing to pursue her musical artistry.

Here are 5 things we learned from I Am: Celine Dion:

1. Dion was diagnosed with Stiff Person Syndrome in 2022

Stiff Person Syndrome is a rare, little-known condition that affects approximately one person per million. The autoimmune neurological disorder commonly causes muscle stiffness and painful spasms that escalate and worsen over time, sometimes evolving into crippling full-body attacks. 

2. I Am: Celine Dion wasn’t initially about Stiff Person Syndrome

Oscar-nominated filmmaker and director of I am: Celine Dion, Irene Taylor was initially unaware of Dion’s health condition when approaching the project. It was only later that Dion revealed her illness, prompting a narrative shift.

3. The Celine Dion Foundation pledged $2 Million to study Stiff Person Syndrome

Earlier this month, the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus announced the creation of the Celine Dion Foundation Endowed Chair in Autoimmune Neurology, made possible by a $2 million philanthropic investment from the Celine Dion Foundation. 

4. Dion insisted her story be told from her perspective

While filming the documentary, Celine Dion offered unprecedented access to her most intimate moments under the agreement that she speaks for herself rather than enlist a panel of talking heads. 

5. She is determined to return to the stage

She will do everything in her power to return to the stage, stating “I miss it so much. The people, I miss them. If I can’t run, I’ll walk. If I can’t walk, I’ll crawl. I won’t stop.”

I Am: Celine Dion is now streaming exclusively on Prime Video.