2023 VOCAL JAZZ ALBUM OF THE YEAR | Diana Panton | | The JUNO Awards

blue is the final chapter in a trilogy of works that span over a decade and chart an ultimately ill-fated relationship. The story began with pink (2009 / Silver Disc Award Winner in Japan), followed by RED (2015 JUNO Winner) and now blue (2022) delves into the fragments of a broken relationship.

Praised for her conceptual ideas, exceptional song selection, compelling storytelling and emotive vulnerable vocals, Panton is at the height of her interpretive powers on blue. Bespoke arrangements by jazz legend Don Thompson (OC) feature the Penderecki String Quartet, saxophonist Phil Dwyer (CM), guitarist Reg Schwager (CM) and bassist Jim Vivian. Together, this all-star musical cast creates a work of rare poignancy reminding us of the full range of our human emotions.

Although it may seem counterintuitive to record sad songs during a pandemic, many people are dealing with loss – of a loved one, a job or a relationship during these challenging times. There is a need for both escapism and an opportunity to delve into more complex feelings. blue definitely falls into the latter category. For those who seek out the therapeutic effects of Panton’s music, it is hoped this album can be of help.