2015 | Instrumental Album of the Year | Canadian Brass | | The JUNO Awards

Great Wall of China is the new album by one of the worlds’ most popular and classical ensembles, The Canadian Brass. The album breaks into new territory both musically and culturally.
In 1977, as China emerged from the Cultural Revolution, Canadian Brass arrived in Beijing for a concert tour that was part of a cultural exchange. They were the first Western musicians to visit the country since Western music & art were banned in May, 1966. The experience was the inspiration for this album that features the world famous ensemble performing arrangements of some of China’s most popular songs.
Founding member Chuck Daellenbach describes the inspiration behind Great Wall of China: “Traveling the long road from Beijing down to Guangzhou, we performed in auditoriums, schools and factories, plus held radio tapings, interviews and impromptu outdoor shows along the way. It was during this trip we were first introduced to Chinese folk music for brass instruments, with the adaptation of “Lift Your Veil” given to us as a present. We include this piece here, a moving reminder of the profound power of music to bridge international boundaries and heal that we were so fortunate to experience first-hand during that tour.