International Album of the Year 2013


Mumford & Sons



International Album of the Year





“We wanted to do something unashamed,” says Ben Lovett. “We’re confident and happy to be where we are as a band. Everything that’s happened with us has exceeded expectations and it’s all been a surprise. It’s all much bigger than what we were prepared for. So when we came to recording this record (Babel), we had a choice: to shy away from that, or to realise that people dig what we’re doing, and make something robust with that energy.” More than anything, there is a real sense of completeness to Babel – a satisfying wholeness and a kind of musical and lyrical wealth. The album’s romanticism is tempered by strength and vigour, its brawniness balanced by beauty. “I think there’s more subject matter on this album, and I think we’ve grown up a little bit,” says lead singer Marcus Mumford. “I feel like it’s more exposed, more naked. Ted (Dwane) always talked about wanting to make an album like a story,” he adds. “Not necessarily one that has a plot, but one that you can listen to from top to bottom and it makes sense. I think that’s what we’ve tried to do, and what we’ve done.”