Welcome to Vancouver, BC

The Honorable Lisa Beare

Minister of Tourism, Arts & Culture

As Minister of Tourism, Arts & Culture it is my sincere pleasure to welcome the JUNO Awards to British Columbia.

We are excited to host Canada’s Music Awards and to celebrate the many social, cultural and economic contributions that this creative industry brings to our lives. From outdoor music festivals, stadium concerts and performances at intimate venues, to recordings on vinyl and online, to the radio, film scores, web apps, public places and more – music truly has the power to transcend boundaries and bring people together.

We recognize this nation’s ongoing contributions to the international music scene, from Joni Mitchell to Bryan Adams, and Michael Bublé to Céline Dion, Leonard Cohen and Shania Twain, and this year, with special reverence for the contributions of Gord Downie. BC is proud of its musicians, the industry that supports their talent, including those honoured in 2017: Canadian Music Hall of Fame inductee Sarah McLachlan and JUNO Award winners Bria Skonberg, Tim Neufeld & the Glory Boys, The Fretless and Jordan Nobles.

We’re eager to hear Canada’s current stars at this year’s JUNOS and to discover the next generation of fantastic talent both at home and across our nation!

Prem Gill

Chief Executive Officer
Creative BC

Welcome JUNOS!

As a provincial champion for the music industry, Creative BC is thrilled that British Columbia is hosting Canada’s Music Awards this year.

It’s perfect timing with the BC Music Fund in full swing–supporting artists, entrepreneurs, live events, music companies, industry initiatives and the many people who are focused on taking this province’s music economy to the next level.

Creative BC is tremendously proud of the BC music industry’s successes and we are pleased to spearhead strategic collaboration between our organization, industry, government, Music BC and this year’s JUNOS!  Together, we are all united in our excitement about the innovations and opportunities that lie ahead for this creative industry.

It’s now time to showcase all of Canada’s tremendous talent to the world from right here at home on Canada’s beautiful west coast. Let’s bring our creatives together, let’s celebrate excellence and let’s make this a catalyst for even more great music to come!

Alex Grigg

Executive Director
Music BC Industry Association

On behalf of the board of directors, our staff and the BC Music Industry, we are thrilled to welcome The JUNOS to Vancouver. Much has changed in the Vancouver music scene since 2009 when the JUNOSwere last in our beautiful city. From the vibrant South Asian music community, to the electronic music scene and a wealth of talented musicians from all genres across the province, Vancouver has established itself as a world class city with a diverse landscape of global music tech companies, studios and creators.

Special thanks for the enormous support and dedication from the JUNO Host Committee, the City of Vancouver, Creative BC, the Province of British Columbia, CARAS and the entire BC music industry for your continued support.