Frequently Asked Questions

What defines a release date?

How do I ensure that my entry was submitted properly?


Can I pay for my submission online?

Can I fax or mail in my application?

Are Non-Canadians eligible for any of the categories?

Can I submit to more than one category?

Will an album/recording qualify if it has been previously nominated?

Does previously released/newly arranged material qualify?

If I am asked to provide proof of my release date, what information do I need to provide?

What defines a full album vs. an EP?

Are cover songs eligible?

Are Seasonal/Christmas CDs eligible?

Does an album/recording qualify if it is in a different language?

Which categories have sales requirements?

Which categories have NO sales requirements?

Regarding the sales categories, what can be included when calculating the sales figures?

How are box sets counted for the sales category?

Are live albums eligible?

Are TV/Movie soundtracks eligible?

What are the eligibility requirements for the Breakthrough Artist/Breakthrough Group of the Year categories?

If an artist was part of a group who has been nominated before and now is in a solo project, do they qualify for Breakthrough Artist of the Year?

Can I submit an instrumental album into a genre category, in addition to the Instrumental category?

What are the eligibility requirements for the Songwriter of the Year category?

Are non-Canadian songwriters eligible?

Can I submit to two Classical categories in the same year?

If a single in a recording category was nominated last year, and is now on a full album, can the full album be submitted into the same category?

If there is a project that has Co-Producers, how should it be entered?

Will a Production team qualify if one Producer is Canadian and one is NOT Canadian?

Will a Recording Package team qualify if one of the Designers is not Canadian?

Who is eligible to receive the Video of the Year award?

If a full album/EP is available and is submitted into Dance Recording of the Year, can a single be submitted or is it mandatory to select three listening cuts?