JUNO TV Vault Sessions: July Talk

Mar 04, 2014

JUNO TV Vault Sessions launch with July Talk, 2014 JUNO Award nominees for Breakthrough Group of the Year (Sponsored by FACTOR and Radio Starmaker Fund.)

Peter Dreimanis and Leah Fay chat with JUNO TV host StokeS about their 2014 JUNO nomination, and show a ton of love to 2014 Host City Winnipeg in an exclusive Vault Sessions interview.  How did they celebrate their nomination?  With some vintage wine, of course!

Extremely excited to be travelling back to Winnipeg for the JUNOS, Peter says he loves the rowdy prairie crowd local to the city.  Leah says she’s definitely hitting up her favourite karoke bar, and they joke about the most confusing intersection in Canada—Portage and Main.  (Oh, and they teach us how to pronounce “Portage” while they’re at it!)

Check out the exclusive interview, as well as live performances of “Guns + Ammunition”, “I’ve Rationed Well”, and “Let Her Know.”