I’m proud to be the JUNO Awards Eco-Blogger Again!

Mar 03, 2014

Hi! I’m Hannah Alper, and I’m an 11-year-old eco blogger.

I am so excited that one of my favourite annual Canadian events is almost here – the JUNO Awards! The JUNOS celebrate and honour Canadian music and artists for a full week of events ending with the big televised show on CTV.

Last year, I was the JUNOS ‘on the ground’ eco-blogger. My parents and I travelled to Regina, Saskatchewan, the host province of the 2013 JUNO Awards. I spent the weekend meeting and interviewing artists and I asked them what they do to be eco-friendly in their homes, at concerts and even when they are on tour!  I learned that while it is not always easy to be as eco-friendly on the road as it is at home, so many are committed to doing what they can, and as much as they can.

I am excited to be back blogging for the JUNOS again this year as they get ready for JUNO Week in Winnipeg, Manitoba. This year the JUNOS are launching a fun initiative called “What Do You Do?”  It’s an online awareness campaign asking us all to get loud and inspire conversation and action around sustainability. It is a great way to let people know about the big and little things that we are all doing to make a difference in our communities, our country, our world and our planet. The JUNOS asked some of our favourite Canadian musicians and celebrities like Billy Talent, Cabbie Richards, Chris Hadfieled,  Hedley, and Jully Black the question, “What Do You Do?” to kick of the campaign.

Ok, WHAT DO YOU DO, Hannah, you ask? Here are some things that I do to be eco-friendly:

  • I bring my reusable water bottle everywhere I go and take my lunch to school in reusable containers.
  • I made a recycling center in my garage so that my family and I are able take things that are recyclable in a special place and way to the right depots.
  • My mom and I make our own eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning supplies.
  • I pick up litter when I see it.
  • I turn things off when I am not using them – water faucets when I am brushing my teeth and the lights when I leave a room.

So, tell me, tell your friends, tell the JUNOS, What do YOU do?  But don’t just tell me, get online and tell everyone. Tweet @TheJUNOAwards with  #JUNOWDYD, and when you do, you are not only inspiring your friends to take action, but you can also win some cool prizes like official JUNO merchandise and tickets to JUNO Week events.