Sustainability Ambassador

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To help expand public engagement in this initiative, CARAS is pleased  to announce that Sam Roberts will act as the first ever JUNO Awards Sustainability Ambassador.

In 2011, the JUNO Awards events were the first in Canada to meet the requirements of the CSA standard for sustainable events. Successful implementation of CSA Z2010 entailed actively engaging production companies, venues, caterers, printers, transport providers,  and other suppliers to minimize resource consumption, divert waste from landfills, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, track performance, and support markets for sustainably produced goods and services.

For 2012, CARAS is continuing to build on previous efforts and prioritize environmental and  social responsibility in the execution of its programming. In addition, CARAS is maintaining  several key partnerships. Strategin Solutions works with CARAS to integrate sustainability  into CARAS operations and events. Bullfrog Power powers the CARAS office and JUNO  Awards event venues with clean, renewable electricity. Carbonzero offsets greenhouse gas  emissions generated due to non-electricity energy consumption and travel of both  organizers and attendees. Additionally, Me to We Style produces the official JUNO Awards  apparel with organic cotton and viscose from bamboo.

“Events like those hosted throughout JUNO Week bring people together to celebrate and  enjoy good times and great music. At the same time, resources are consumed, wastes are  generated and greenhouse gases are emitted, resulting in environmental, social and  economic impacts,” said Sam Roberts of Sam Roberts Band, “As the JUNO Awards  Sustainability Ambassador, I greatly support the efforts of CARAS and the JUNO Awards to  take responsibility for these impacts and demonstrate leadership in event sustainability. The actions they are taking provide both a model for and an inspiration to other event  organizers, artists and industry representatives.”

In his role as Sustainability Ambassador, Sam is recording a PSA that will air during the JUNO Awards CTV broadcast pre-show and also be shared via social media networks. The aim of the PSA is to raise awareness of CARAS and JUNO Awards sustainability initiatives, engage fans in onsite sustainability efforts, and encourage others in the industry to take  action to promote environmental and social responsibility.

In the run-up to 2012 JUNO Awards events, CARAS will be providing opportunities via social  media outlets to learn more about event sustainability efforts and how to get involved. For  further information, follow @TheJUNOAwards or check out the JUNO Awards Facebook page.