Chris Hadfield and Lainey Lui on JUNO TV!

Feb 18, 2014

Lainey Lui of CTV’s The Social talks music with JUNO TV!

Music and memories go hand-in-hand for Lainey Lui.  Whereas Michael Jackson’s legacy reminds her of a special bond she shares with her cousin, hearing Madonna’s “Vogue” takes her back to high school days.  Lainey also shares what’s on her playlist (a little Canto-pop mixed with Miley and classic rock!) and divulges her Canadian crush—hint: he’s a musician that will act as Captain for “The Rockers” in JUNO Cup!

Chris Hadfield tells us what he’s reading!

Chris Hadfield tells us what he’s reading, and talks about his book, “An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth.”  Did you know that Commander Hadfield was an astronaut for 21 years and flew in space three times?  He wrote all of his experiences for you to get a glimpse into life in space.